Araku Valley

Araku Valley, is a secluded valley known for coffee plantations and a hill-station. Situated on the eastern coast just 120m off of Visakhapatnam, this place has succeeded to emancipate from the stereotypical climate of east coast. Though most places situated near the eastern coast are known to be humid and pretty warm throughout the year, […]

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Land of the extinct Dodo Bird – Mauritius, is known for it’s beautiful beaches. It is also one of the most visited exotic travel destination in the world. Most travellers visit Mauritius during October-March season. It is a dream destination for all the thalassophilic travellers that long for aquatic adventure sports. Read to know why! […]

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Birthplace of Dalai Lama XIV, the Mini-Switzerland of India – Tawang, is an amazing destination for culture-exploring travellers seeking peace and serenity in their lives. Considering travel destinations, unlike others, Tawang is still unexplored in terms of tourism as well as culture. Mostly covered with snow, it is one of the best travel destinations in India. […]

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The home of Parvati Kund – The Mystical Hot Water Springs rumoured to have healing properties (maybe in the ancient times) and an awesome trek for the youngsters. Most Travellers hail from April – July, but the best time is in March when the snowfall is just enough to give you the experience of your life! […]

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Kasol Diary

Kasol – The Chill capital of India, is situated at the bank of river Beas in the state of Himachal Pradesh. Amongst all the numerous adventures this beautiful village offers, most people come here to lose themselves or to find themselves in the aesthetic beauty of nature and multi-ethnic experiences. This is the story of my Visit to Kasol. […]

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Malana Adventure 

The Hashish capital of the World and Home of the Hippies, Malana is certainly ‘one of a kind’ village you will ever come across. Where the mortal descendants of Aryan Race is barely surviving. Travellers globally visit this mysterious village primarily due to the elixir – Malana Cream. This is the story of my visit. […]

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